Rocks | Stafford Gatehouse Theatre


Genre Film

Tue 25 Jan 2022

Sarah Gavron / UK 2019 / 93 min / Cert 12

An uplifting coming of age film telling the story of Rocks, an East London teenager left to care for herself and her young brother after their mother walks out. Directed by Sarah Gavron and capturing Tower Hamlets in vivid summer colours, the performance of this largely non-professional local cast is raw and honest, exploring the themes of teenage resilience, and female friendship. Bukky Bakray received a BAFTA rising star for her portrayal of Rocks, combining heart-breaking naivety with street smart confidence and joy. “This film is such a rush of vitality. It rocks” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian “The most authentic film about British teens in years”. Clarisse Loughry, Independent