Alan Bennett – Talking Heads | Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

Alan Bennett – Talking Heads

Genre Drama

Tue 29 Oct 2019

I'm Sarah Raymond I have lived all my life in Shropshire working professionally since I left Drama School at 17.

I've trained with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company and enjoyed working in Tv Film and Theatre.

I've been raising my daughter and have been out of the spotlight for a while so decided to set up my own Company Ollies Follies in order to produce and work in my own productions.

It's 30 years since Talking Heads hit our screens and I felt it was a perfect opportunity to revisit two of Alan Bennett's classic one act comedies.

Bed Among The Lentils was immortalised by the legend that is Maggie Smith. Susan is a bored and disillusioned vicars wife who finds life is passing her by and that flower arranging and Jesus in general just isnt her thing.

Her Big Chance was brought to life originally by our local hero Julie Walters.

Lesley is a black country girl who is "professional her fingertips" and loves her life as a jobbing actress. But is she really as good as she thinks she is?

Join them both for a evening of pure joy immerse yourself in the language and comedy of Alan Bennett; forget your troubles and worries about Brexit and be transported to a simpler gentler world.

Many thanks Sarah